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 When BMW re introduced Mini Cooper in 2002,  we were intrigued by them. GermanHaus of Performance wanted to be the independent shop that specializes in Mini Cooper service and repair. Here we are!

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“Art has done literally thousands of dollars of upgrades and repair work to my 2004 Mini Cooper S, from brakes to a complete RMW performance head and cam package install. His work is meticulous and the shop is one of the cleanest I’ve ever seen in my life. He tells you exactly how it is and what’s wrong with your car and gives you his recommendation about what needs to be fixed. “I recommend listening, taking the cheap alternative way out might just cost you more in the long run, and I learned the hard way“ He truly knows his stuff. His estimates have been spot on every time. I was quoted 33Hrs of labor from another independent shop and only 18hrs from Art at Minihaus to do a clutch and some other fixes while he had the car apart already, the dealer pricing I won’t even bother mentioning. ” Anthony – New Haven

“I had to take a second to tell you how happy I am with your quality of work.  First, you found time during a holiday week to repair my car after I did a late night drop off.  Second and more importantly, after your service, my car has not been running this smooth and reliable for well over two years.  These two points set you apart from the many Mini Dealers I have worked with.  Dropping off my car at night was never possible at any Míni dealer.  Two, you figured out the problem!!!!! My car has had a hard idle since its 60k check up.  I mentioned it every time to the dealer and they always came back with other things.  Hundreds of dollars later you nailed the fix, I wish I found you earlier, could have saved some money.” Thanks Again! Tim – Mystic

“I’m very happy with the work that was done on my MINI. That said, Art is very detail oriented in his repairs, helpful, goes above and beyond to check to see if there’s other problems and he doesn’t charge an unreasonable amount like the MINI dealers. Besides working on my timing chain and tensioner, he also made my AUXport work again by reprogramming it when the New Country mini dealer told me that it was impossible to do and insisted that I buy a radio for $600 and pay them $200 to reprogram it. I’m very confident of the work he does. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that needs work on their MINI” :)Melody, Willington CT


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