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“Great customer service, dependable and honest work. I’m glad I found the GermanHaus” Kathi 

“I have a 2002 BMW 525i. These cars are not cheap to fix, and worse yet, other mechanics were not very good at fixing problem with one visit. Art has worked quite a bit on my car and always done a great job. If you have a German car and want someone who is honest, can do more than “replace parts”, is truly an expert, and is a pleasure to do business with, you found him. Anyone I have sent to him has felt the same way.” Robert -Old Saybrook

“Art at GermanHaus has done literally thousands of dollars of upgrades and repair work to my 2004 Mini Cooper S, from brakes to a complete RMW performance head and cam package install. His work is meticulous and the shop is one of the cleanest I’ve ever seen in my life. He tells you exactly how it is and what’s wrong with your car and gives you his recommendation about what needs to be fixed. “I recommend listening, taking the cheap alternative way out might just cost you more in the long run, and I learned the hard way“ He truly knows his stuff.” Anthony – New Haven

“Had the best experience ever! Highly recommend GermanHaus for any and all Audi/VW, BMW, Mini or Porsche repairs. FORGET the DEALER! The level of expertise and skill far exceeds any dealer shop. I won’t ever visit another shop on the CT Shoreline. Art is the best and a stand by your work kind of guy! Feel free to PM me for a personal recommendation!”Eric – NY

“This is not your typical automotive repair shop. It is a small one man shop. You get to talk to the person who is actually working on your vehicle. Art does not just throw parts at issues to see if it will work, he expertly diagnoses the issue, apprises you of his findings and weighs the available options with you. He is honest, extremely competent, his prices are reasonable, his repairs are done promptly and he treats your vehicle with respect… no grease all over, no scratches and no problems that did not exist when the vehicle was brought in for service. This shop has my unreserved recommendation. Simply exemplary!” Darryl – Westbrook

“I’m very happy with the work that was done on my MINI. That said, Art is very detail oriented in his repairs, helpful, goes above and beyond to check to see if there’s other problems and he doesn’t charge an unreasonable amount like the MINI dealers. Besides working on my timing chain and tensioner, he also made my AUXport work again by reprogramming it when the New Country mini dealer told me that it was impossible to do and insisted that I buy a radio for $600 and pay them $200 to reprogram it. I’m very confident of the work he does. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that needs work on their MINI” :)Melody-Willington

“I had to take a second to tell you how happy I am with your quality of work.  First, you found time during a holiday week to repair my car after I did a late night drop off.  Second and more importantly, after your service, my car has not been running this smooth and reliable for well over two years.  These two points set you apart from the many Mini Dealers I have worked with.  Dropping off my car at night was never possible at any Míni dealer.  Two, you figured out the problem!!!!! My car has had a hard idle since its 60k check up.  I mentioned it every time to the dealer and they always came back with other things.  Hundreds of dollars later you nailed the fix, I wish I found you earlier, could have saved some money.” Thanks Again! Tim – Mystic

  “Art, as always thanks again for the awesome job. Go Mini Go!”  Anthony – New Haven

The new clutch feels great!  And thanks for replacing the corner light bulb that was out too! Shaun – New Britian

    “AWESOME JOB! Thank you again! The New BMW medallion must be the icing on the  cake!”  Edward- Lyme 

           ” Thanks Art for the quick service on both cars!” Sue – CT

“Art’s work is always top notch, I have never seen him miss a detail or do a partial job.  His knowledge impresses me and he knows where to look and who to ask to figure out the problems he hasn’t seen before.  Art has great people skills and is easily able to talk to his customers and understand their concerns.  He is always a pleasure and has earned my greatest respect.”  John Brocko Engineer

“Art is a confident, independent, self-motivated, highly organized and dedicated to his customers. But I would say his greatest asset is his dedication to excellence – doing whatever is necessary to provide an exceptional product.”  Bob Tunnell, President, Bimmer Haus Performance Group, Inc.

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  1. Martin Viscione says:

    Once in awhile, you find a place like Minihaus performance. They’re not your usual or typical “repair shops,” and they usually cater to specific cars and specific needs. When I found Art & Pauline at Minihaus Performance, I knew at the onset, that I had found the place I’d be doing business with for my 2007 Mini S. But beyond that, the personal attention and detail approach to your needs are always addressed beyond your expectations. I’m more than pleased. Marty, Groton

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